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We’re excited to bring this incredible plugin to the APD shop! I know there are a TON of saturation and distortion plugins on the market today, but I was really impressed with this one: the beautiful, warm, authentic sound was really amazing, giving the perfect boost and character to your sound without ever being harsh, digital, or adding to much color to the sound.

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This plugin strives to bring an authentic tape saturation to your tracks, and it really nails it. While it’s simple to just insert and use, there are an impressive amount of details modeled after the classic hardware it emulates, such as adjustable tape speeds and bias levels, emulation of frequency modulation (the Flutter knob), and more, all in a simple and modern GUI. Use this to add subtle warmth to synths or basses, guitars, and vocals, or crank it up a bit and use it to add an intense crunchy saturation for all your modern sound design needs. At this price, this plugin is a steal!

You can grab MAGNETITE by Black Rooster Audio tape emulation over in the APD shop

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2 years ago

I guess the intro offer for $19.99 is done?

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