Keeping it Reel with Reelight Pro!

Reelight Pro from Tone Empire is an analog tape machine in a modern, digital format. It gives you all the desired effects of a classic piece of gear, while also eliminating any of the unwanted side effects such as hiss, noise, unreliability of physical mechanisms, etc.

What exactly is a tape machine and why would we use it?

Well, before modern DAWs and digital recording software, tape machines were simply what you used to record any audio signal. Unlike the pristine clarity of a modern digital audio converter, tape machines often slightly colored the sound, and many audiophiles and mix engineers still desire this result to this day.

Tape machines often provide a slight warmth to the audio, and, by design, often cut certain frequencies such as low end. They can also be used to overdrive the input signal and saturate or distort the audio, giving it a warm, natural saturation, rich with overtones and harmonics.

This plug-in also has some incredibly useful presets, to provide anything from a smooth, subtle saturation to a totally vintage and slightly degraded sound. You can use this on any instrument, though it really shines on basses, leads, vocals, drums, even on the master!

Check out the video for some useful tips and real-time implementation of this plugin and hear for yourself how it can change the sound- from slight saturation to overdriven degradation!

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