More Unique Tones with Sampleso’s Synthophone!

Sampleso really impressed me with their previous library, Floppytron, and that trend of quality sounds and incredible sound design continues with Synthophone!

Synthophone will require the full version of Kontakt, so do keep that in mind.

This library samples a vintage pocket synthesizer. Pocket synthesizers gained popularity in the late 60s and early 70s, and very often look like toys as opposed to the huge, full sized synths and boxy, modular grids. They often run on batteries as opposed to having a power source that needs to be plugged in, making them super portable and fun instruments. Many famous artists have used these instruments or featured them on hit records, most notably David Bowie for his song “Space Oddity”.

Sampleso has taken this fairly basic instrument, sampled it, and provided you with incredible presets and powerful sound design tools to inspire you with nearly limitless possibilities. Whether it be basses, leads, pads, FX, even percussion, this library is simply a treasure trove of incredible sounds, both vintage and modern. Once again, I was blown away by the sheer quality of the sounds and presets, the versatility of the library, as well as the seemingly unlimited possibilities for using the built in sequencers and powerful effects to craft and create your own unique sounds. Check out the video to hear (and see) it in action!

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