The Mega Guitar Bundle – for all your guitar needs!

The Mega Guitar Bundle is another great collection from Black Octopus, and I’m sure all of you are familiar with them by now, as we’ve done so many great deals with them in the past, and created tracks with their samples together during our live streams! If you’re not familiar or if you’re new to Audio Plugin Deals or the sample game in general, Black Octopus creates huge sample packs with thousands of royalty-free samples, loops, vocals, guitar licks, basses, soundscapes, and more!

This one, obviously, focuses on all things guitar. That means you can cover a huge variety of genres with this bundle alone, as the electric and acoustic guitar are timeless instruments that have been used in every single genre imaginable for hundreds of years. The names of each sound pack here will key you in on what that particular collection focuses on as far as genre. We have cinematic, Middle Eastern, Funk, Latin, distorted, percussive, and ambient sounds for this bundle, and it’s going to be a killer addition to your songwriter’s arsenal. For beats, cinematic music for trailers or films, or just to spice up your pop and indie songs in your studio, this bundle is sure to have something for you!

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