Overview: Cycle Cre8 by Sample Fuel

Get creating- introducing a no-brainer deal from Sample Fuel! Spend $20 on Cycle Cre8 ($99.99 value, you get it 80% off) and instantly get a $20 Sample Fuel voucher and $20 APD rewards dollars. Not only will you get a great sample library, but you’ll get back double what you spent in gift vouchers and APD rewards!

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Cycle Cre8 runs in the FREE Halion Sonic SE, which is a sampler from Steinberg (the makers of Cubase, etc.)

The library consists of a unique Cycle engine, which creates rhythmic pulses and soundscapes by cycling through up to four separate sound sources. As I was playing around with Cycle Cre8, it reminded me quite a bit of some other libraries for Kontakt, Orbit and Eclipse, which each cost $199.99, so it’s a great deal and a great library for writing cinematic underscore and ambient electronic beats.

There are a bunch of presets included, but you can also go into each sound source and swap it out for another, which means the sonic possibilities are huge. It lent itself well for writing a trippy, atmospheric beat which I used for the demo video, and I tried to show how some of the controls work and what you can expect from this library as well. Check it out!

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