Vintage quality with modern features: The Vinyl Strip from Audiothing!

Vinyl Strip by AudioThing

The ultimate channel strip for achieving a vintage, classic sound is here at a huge discount. This plugin is tailor made for those who want to achieve something a bit unique and different: perfect for lo-fi electronica, classic rock drums, guitars, and vocals, bit crushed synths, and anything that may need a bit of degradation or classic charm.

The Vinyl Strip combines multiple effects into one sleek, modular package. With compression, EQ, distortion, reverb, vinyl effects, and sampler (bit crusher), these effects can be re-arranged in any order by simply dragging them within the plugin interface.

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You get a variety of factory presets as well, which work for a variety of applications: mastering, slight EQ and compression, subtle distortion and warmth, and presets which are tailor-made to emulate the sound and feel of classic vinyl records.

This makes the Vinyl Strip a great tool not only for recording engineers, mixers, and producers, but also for beatmakers and composers as well. Check out the demos and see what you can achieve with the Vinyl Strip!

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