Presenting the Scoring Mallets bundle from HandheldSound!

Scoring Mallets by HandHeldSound

Featuring a beautifully sampled marimba, vibraphone, and xylophone, with a pristine sound and incredible performance features at a ridiculous price!

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These mallets will fit right at home in any orchestral, classical, or jazz recording, as they are deeply sampled and offer four different mic positions to dial in the sound you want, from up close and dry to lush and roomy, and anything in between. A standout feature is the built in stage placement tool, complete with a realistic algorithmic reverb to position the instruments in a virtual stage, so you can place instruments in the front or back of a mix in addition to typical left and right panning.

There are rolls, trills, and a performance step sequencer built into the GUI. The trills are super simple to enable, sync to tempo, and can perform on the bar, beat, all the way up to 1/64 notes. Another handy feature is the gliss articulation, which performs a perfect glissando between any two notes you press on your keyboard!

Unique to this library are the 4-mallets articulations, which haven’t been done to this extent in any other mallet library to date. These capture the sound of the player holding 4 mallets at once, and can give you beautiful and realistic arpeggios and subtle rolls and textures.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and features in this amazing library, and I think it’s a definite must have for anyone who needs realistic and intuitive mallet instruments for film and video game scores, classical compositions, jazz, pop, and more! Don’t miss out on this deal, available for a limited time at APD!

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