Rock out with the Massive Rock Bundle from Ueberschall!

Massive Rock Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

For this deal, we’re bringing you more amazing loops and construction kits from Ueberschall, running in the free Elastik 3 sampling engine (no Kontakt required!)

These products, if you haven’t guessed already, are focused on all things ROCK! From the classic rock ballads we all love, to the screeching solos and catchy choruses of the 70’s rock revolution and beyond, this has a little bit of everything for rock and roll lovers. Coming in at around 18gb of amazing content, this is a sure hit for producers, musicians, and composers alike!

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Four sound banks are included – Rock Classics, Rock Ballads, Rock, and Grunge. Featuring HUNDREDS of sounds and loops at a huge variety of tempos and styles, these libraries are easy and fun to use with the powerful but simple Elastik 3 engine. There are tons of unique stems and construction elements to choose from, including drum loops (often isolated down to each part of the kit, so you can create your own loops), basslines, clean guitar riffs, crunch guitar riffs, distorted guitar riffs, solos/leads, verses, choruses, intros, bridges, and practically everything you could possibly want for adding some rock flavor to your songs. If you want to create a fully mixed, professional quality rock song from scratch, you got it. If you just want some backing guitar for your singing or soloing, you got it. If you just want some drum loops and clean riffs or bass for your hip-hop or pop songs, you got it. Incredible quality at a super low price, for a limited time only! Check out the video and don’t miss this deal!

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