Exciting Hybrid Sounds from Pulsesetter Sounds – Epic Babies and Pulsor for Kontakt

Get the latest exciting hybrid sounds from Pulsesetter Sounds at a ridiculously low price! Limited time offer, so do not miss this!

If you haven’t heard of Pulsesetter Sounds, they’ve been taking the market by storm with their incredibly creative and high-quality sample libraries for hybrid, trailer, and action music composers. They use unconventional sound sources and create amazing and unique sounds with them, in this case, they’ve sampled baby toys for Epic Babies.

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That’s right… baby toys. I had no idea you could get toys made for infants to sound so incredibly dark and aggressive and downright creepy. It is a real testament to the talent and creativity of the team at Pulsesetter Sounds! Included in this library are hits and impacts, risers, ambiences, pads, tonal synths and basses, loops/pulses, and designed trailer sounds that are ready to use in your next epic track. The interface is amazing, easy to use, and most importantly, Epic Babies sounds incredible.

The smaller product of the two is Pulsor for Kontakt, which is a curated set of designed pulses originally released for u-he Zebra 2. Due to high demand, they’ve re-packaged this amazing collection, so those of you who don’t own Zebra 2 can rejoice, as all you need is the full version of Kontakt or, simply drag and drop the included wav files directly into your DAW!

Don’t miss this deal, as these are some incredible and cutting edge sounds that I personally use in my products frequently.

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