Available Now: Two Powerhouse Plugins from Boz Digital Labs!

This shop bundle contains the Imperial Delay and Manic Compressor from Boz Digital, which are some of my new favorite creative effects plugins! Much more than a standard delay and compressor, these plugins can take your tracks to new heights. The Imperial Delay has surprisingly creative delays and multi effects, pitch shifting and experimental effects, and can act as your go-to standard compressor or help you create wild, bizarre, and experimental soundscapes like you’ve never heard before!

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The Manic Compressor features SIX different compression modes, all easily accessible and able to switch on the fly. From a light compression to act as a glue on the master bus, to wild saturated crunch for bass lines and guitars, to polished, clean vocals that really stand out, this plugin has you covered.

Both of these plugins offer amazing presets, and can easily become your all-in-one, go-to plugins for delay and compression as well as incredible creative sound design! Don’t sleep on these! Check out the video and see how I turn a flat, standard mix into something exciting and aggressive in a matter of seconds!

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