Freebie Alert! Get the Waldorf Edition 2 (LE Version) for FREE!

waldorf edition 2 le

This includes the vintage synthesizer plugin PPG Wave 2V, the percussion synthesizer Attack, and the creative filter plugin D-Pole.

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PPG Wave is an emulation of the classic 1982 PPG Wave synthesizers, a retro wavetable synth that combines the best of analog and digital. Scroll thru the presets and tweak to your hearts content, this is a great choice for 80s and synthwave music!

Attack is a percussion synthesizer/drum machine with 12 programmable keys/pads, and features classic kits such as the 808, 909, and more! Load up a whole kit, or customize your drums by mixing and matching sounds.

D-Pole is a versatile and creative effects plugin, essential a filter with 5 different filter modes, but also built in overdrive and other creative effects for adding warmth and saturation to your sound.

Together they are a great, retro sounding bundle for the low price of FREE! Let’s check out how they sound by re-creating the classic theme to GTA: Vice City using only the instruments in the bundle 🙂

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