REALSAMPLES Vintage Piano Bundle – Beautiful and Historical Sounds on a Budget!

This bundle contains expertly sampled instruments that you will not find anywhere else: these are historical instruments with sounds that transports you to another century.

Pianoforte: This library pristinely captures the authentic and historical sounds of a fortepiano built by Johann Karl Traugott Berndt in 1848. A fortepiano is an early version of the modern piano, used today only for historically accurate performances, as this instrument is not mass produced anymore. It was around in the late 18th to early 19th century, and evolved over time to eventually be replaced by the modern grand piano. The sound and tone are unique and, for lack of a better term, sound very vintage. This sample library captures up to 32 dynamic layers for each note, as well as separate key-release sounds (which can also be turned down or turned off completely) for ultimate realism.

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English Spinet II: This is an older version of a modern harpsichord, so the sound is very reminiscent of that. It has a beautiful, bright, and bell like tone, with very sharp attacks. I was really impressed with the tone of this one, very similar to a harpsichord and captured with such clarity and detail. Just like Pianoforte, key releases are captured separately and add a lot of detail and realism, but they can also be adjusted or muted completely based on the sound you want to achieve!

This is a very unique bundle that captures a very specific time period, using instruments that simply aren’t produced anymore. This is perfect for writing period pieces, or any kind of music where you need to capture a certain mood or time period, as regular sample libraries sometimes just won’t cut it! If you want the real deal, look no further than the Vintage Piano bundle from Real Samples. The history behind the instruments is impressive on it’s own, and the sounds are immaculate.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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