Taking a Sneak Peek at Wraith by Frozen Plain

Wraith by Frozen Plain

Wraith is a synthesizer plugin developed by Frozen Plain, and contains dark atmospheres, sound effects, pads, textures, and more. There are 230 instruments or sound sources in total, and 80 presets to choose from. The overall sound is very dark and bleak, and relies heavily on sound design and textural, synthesized sounds to create desolate and eerie atmospheres. This is a perfect sound design tool for writing sci-fi, action, tension, horror, and even for sound designers and foley artists. Wraith is powered by Mirage, a sample-based synth engine developed by Frozen Plain, so you will not need Kontakt or Halion to use these sounds.

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Whether it’s creepy underscore for your latest trailer track, or sci-fi sound effects for your next film, Wraith packs a punch with these sort of spacey, dark textures, and the only limit is your creativity!

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