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[WATCH] New in The Shop: Arabic Strings, Harp Guitar and Music Box

[WATCH] New in The Shop: Arabic Strings, Harp Guitar and Music Box


We’re happy to announce some more brand new products in the shop! We’ll be adding the following libraries from sample library developer Aviram Dayan: Arabic Strings, Harp Guitar, and Music Box! All of these are fantastic and truly unique libraries that really set themselves apart and offer sounds and colors you might not expect.

We covered Arabic Strings recently as part of one of our deals, and it is now available in the shop in case you missed out on that deal! Remember you can use your rewards points to lower the prices for any product available in the shop.

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In addition to Arabic Strings, we’ve got two brand new additions for you: Harp Guitar and Music Box.

Aviram Dayan’s Harp Guitar is a deeply sampled authentic harp guitar. This is a unique and fairly uncommon instrument, and is of course similar to a traditional acoustic guitar, with the addition of longer, open strings which aren’t actually on the fretboard. The player can pluck these open strings and let them ring out as root notes while playing the lead melodies and chords on the actual fretboard of the harp guitar. This library has 9 different guitars sampled, each offering a very different tone and also various playing styles (finger picked, plucked, continuous plucks, and hammer-ons). This library can sound similar to an authentic acoustic guitar, just with more warm and rich bass notes due to the harp strings, or it can sound more like a traditional ethnic plucked instrument, like a Qanun or a Sarod.

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Next up we have Aviram Dayan’s Music Box. Again we have multiple sounds all packed into one library, with 6 different articulations and multiple ways to play them with the mod wheel. The position of the mod-wheel determines the playing style of the selected note, and there are controls to adjust the amount of “winding noise” and “air”, which tend to give it more personality and realism. Not only do we have the pure samples of the different music boxes, but the “chorus” articulations also layer in sound design elements, such a vocal pads, which give it a more mysterious and eerie vibe.

Both of these instruments are packed with different sounds and offer a lot of versatility. Stop by the shop today and check them out, and don’t forget to check your Rewards balance!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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    [WATCH] New in The Shop: Arabic Strings, Harp Guitar and Music Box

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