[WATCH] DROP THAT BASS! Checking Out Folio Bass by Channel Robot

Folio Bass by Channel Robot (retail value $99.99) is currently being offered at a huge 70% off discount, bringing the price of this Kontakt Bass Synth to only $29.99.

This is a great library for any bass heads out there, especially those looking for classic synth basses and  analog tape saturation. It’s essentially a ROMpler focused strictly on synthesized bass sounds, featuring a dual voiced engine and tons of synth controls and effects. Navigating this library feels more like using a soft synth as opposed to a Kontakt library, so it will feel right at home to anyone familiar with VST synths.

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There are multiple effects and controls applicable to each of the two voices, including multiple filters, LFOs, gates, and an arpeggiator. If you’re in need of some crazy inspiration, just use the “randomisation” function, which will randomize the Voices, Modulation, or Filters/Envelopes. This can result in some pretty wild sounds, and will also help show what this library is truly capable of, as it’s very in depth and can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t used to tweaking knobs and controls.

Even if tweaking sounds isn’t your thing, each of the sound sources sound great on their own, and can cover a wide variety of genres from classic to modern electronic music, cinematic underscore, ambient/trip-hop, and more.

Stop by today and check out Folio Bass by Channel Robot! Remember the deal only lasts for two weeks, and it’s a big 70% off, so don’t miss it!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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