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Gospel Musicians: Pure Synth Platinum 2

Pure Synth Platinum 2 is a great software synthesizer. It is made by Gospel Musicians. Pure Synth comes packed with many tones. Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based ROMpler. The PSP combines synthesis techniques available from both digital AND analog synths. Grab it here at Audio Plugin Deals and save a ton of money! This synth simply grooves.

It is important to point out, this is a 64 bit VST only. It is also important to note that the internet is required to authorize this synthesizer. Having said that, let’s get to it and start taking a look at PSP 2! You can get this $200 synth for just $149.99. Wanna shave off more of the price? No problem! Use your rewards bucks. For every $1 you spend at APD, you’ll get 10% back as “rewards dollars.”

Pure Synth

Pure Synth

With over 500 presets, PSP has a ton of sounds! Because of the variety in tones, users can work within various music genres. I almost immediately had ideas rush in when I was rummaging through the vast presets. There were synth bells that would be perfect for horror movies, such as the D50 bells. There were various synths that had a soulful vibe, great for R&B or ’90s GFunk era hip hop. And there was some synth stuff better suited for modern rap, trap and glitch hop. Due to this variety of sounds, I can tell I’ll be going back to this synth for years to come!

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Above all, the tone of these instruments are lush. They have bombastic character. The larger than life sound is truly signature, making this a recent favorite among my synth collection. In light of the massive sound, I will no doubt use the PSP for many projects in the future, from horror soundtracks to hip hop beats, and beyond!

PSP Demo Track

Finally, here is a demo track I made using the PSP. Everything, with the exception of the drums, was composed with the PSP. Hope you enjoy! And remember to like and subscribe. Due to all of the great deals, subscription is recommended! Note: The drums weren’t made with PSP 2. Everything else was!

The best parts of Pure Synth Platinum 2

  • completely overhauled easy to use
  • 1,000 Brand New Sounds and 21,619 Samples
  • 108 Warm Wavetables
  • 650 High Quality Presets
  • complete synth and sampler
  • 20 brand new state of the art digital effects
  • easy to use modulation

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