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PolyKB III by XILS-Lab
PolyKB III by XILS-Lab
PolyKB III by XILS-Lab

PolyKB III by XILS-Lab

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If you’re looking for a synth that can do it all, look no further than PolyKB III by XILS-Lab, the ultimate emulation of the legendary RSF PolyKobol 2.

PolyKB III gives you three morphing oscillators, two creamy filters, three envelopes, two LFOs, a powerful step sequencer, and a host of innovative features like the Voice XY and Space XY modules.

With PolyKB III, you can create sounds that are rich, warm, expressive, and full of analog character.

And for a limited time, you can get PolyKB III for only $49 instead of the regular $199. That’s a whopping 75% off!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on one of the most versatile and unique synths ever made. Get PolyKB III today and discover the synth they should have invented 40 years ago!

Note: Available for Mac & PC in VST, AU, AAX & RTAS formats

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PolyKB III by XILS-Lab

Simply the most versatile and powerful analog modeled polyphonic synthesizer ever produced!
PolyKB III comes with PolyKB II included!

The PolyKB III captures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol 2 polyphonic synthesizer, including its most revolutionary feature: Morphing analog Oscillators.
Morphing analog Oscillators sets PolyKB III apart from other analog synth emulations. You have instant access to hundreds of different analog modeled free running oscillators waveforms, far more than other synthesizers, including those that switch between oscillators sets. The icing on the cake is they can be dynamically modulated by a mulitude of sources.

In addition you get two gorgeous, creamy multi-mode filters, self-resonating in all modes, and Xils exclusive '0df' technology. There are also three Analog modeled envelopes, with time multiplication, and great looping capabilities. Two complex LFOs are available with MIDI sync capabilities. All working to deliver a fat, warm and immediately inspiring analog sound.

A Modulator for Each Voice!
It wouldn’t be a XILS-lab instrument if it didn't have innovative and exclusive features like each voice having its own modulation engine, or a giant Step Modulator, to propel it into the 21st century.

You can make each note sound different: The Voice XY module is a single Note Quad XY modifier playground. You have total control over the creation of subtle or wild variations for each note in a 2D square with 4 different parameters.

Create your own 3D Space: With the Space XY module, you can place each note in a three-dimensional space, and build stereo-scapes that no other effect can achieve. On top of that, you can make it move with the inbuilt chaotic functions, adding incredible life to your sounds. You have never had so much artistic control over the stereo field.

If you combine these two Single Note modifiers with the True Unison engine, you’ll soon get amazing, dense, and breath-taking sounds, that will proudly take their place in a mix immediately. Operating it is easy, you simply place and move control points of the voices, in the square. Very simple, immediate, and powerful !

Hyper Modulations: The Polysequencer can now be used as a 128 steps, 4 lines/16 destinations giant Step Sequencer Modulator, allowing you to sculpt not only the most detailed TranceGate patterns, but also Slides or incredible rhythmic patterns. Or modulate anything with anything you want, you choose.

Everything is here to allow you to create fully organic and expressive presets. PolyKB III is the ultimate blending of analog authenticity and powerful modern technology.

$199.00 Value



3 Morphing oscillators
2 Creamy Multimode 0df Filters
3 Envelopes, 2 LFOS
Polysequencer, arpeggiator, vintage effects
Unmatched analog presence and feeling
Tomorrow's technology: Hundreds of modulation possibilities, including 2 Unique modulators Per voice, a supersized step sequencer and two Mod Matrixes

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    PolyKB III by XILS-Lab

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