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We are pleased to announce some great new additions to the shop, from developers Ueberschall! A few weeks back we had a deal on Score FX 2, which was an amazing cinematic toolkit with a ton of awesome sounds. Today we are going to cover 4 other products from their lineup: Score FX 1, Soundscapes, Wild Chases, and Retro Action Score.

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Score FX 1 is the precursor to the amazing Score FX 2, offering cinematic textures, one shots, ambiance, rhythmic loops, vocals, and more. This toolkit ranges from subtle, natural percussive textures to dark and disturbing sound design elements, and is the perfect companion to Score FX 2, or for any cinematic composer looking for amazing sounds right out of the box.

Soundscapes is a collection of beautiful and ambient soundscapes, ranging in style from cinematic to more ambient/EDM. Instantly evocative, beautiful, and evolving, with vocals, synths, guitars, and percussive layers all combining to create inspiring sounds, instantly.

Wild Chases is aggressive, gritty, and in-your-face. Combining distorted synths, aggressive sound design and larger than life percussion, this collection is incredible at instantly striking an action packed mood for all your scoring needs. Upbeat and fast paced is the name of the game here, and it shines when used as a base to build your track around, though they can certainly be used on their own, they’re that good.

Retro Action Score conjures up the sounds of the action movies of yesteryear. Guitars, acoustic drums, and basses all combine to really nail the vibe of the truly classic action flicks and TV shows, from the Schwarzenegger blockbusters to the campy 80’s TV shows like Miami Vice, this collection perfects that sound.

All of these libraries run in the FREE Elastik 3 player, an intuitive engine which allows you to map any sound source to any part of your MIDI keyboard, and you can also use the full mix for loops, or isolate each individual element and layer them together as you see fit.

Stop by and check out the uber sounds today!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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