[WATCH] X by Type Writer Audio – Quick Walkthrough

x type writer audio

Needing some “sweet sauce” for your vocals, leads, pads, and more?! You might just be missing the X-Factor! We’re pleased to announce our latest deal on X, a dynamic imaging plugin by Typewrite Audio.

X is essentially a stereo imager or widening plugin, with some extra features that you won’t find anywhere else! This plugin combines three separate modules, which, in addition to the incredible stereo imaging capabilities, allow you to tap into some nice tricks to make everything sound as massive as possible.

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You have the main module, with the big “X-Crank” knob right in the center. Just crank this bad boy up and instantly you will hear the effects in action, making even a boring square wave sound absolutely larger than life. Adjust the attack and release of the envelope, as well as the output and threshold. Adjusting the threshold here will allow you to find the sweet spot where your input signal triggers the dynamic imaging envelope and really adds noticeable size and character to your sounds. Included are some amazing presets for various instrument categories, including vocals, leads, pads, basses, even audio repair and mastering presets.

The Hyperdrive module included use some neat tricks such as the Haas Effect and allowing you to adjust LFO frequencies to add even more space and size to your sounds, and some really cool modulation effects can be had by adjusting the LFO frequency here. The final module is the Warpdrive, which adds reverb with adjustable pre-delays for left and right, and acts as the glue to tie the other modules together.

Scrolling through the presets took me into another world, giving me synth leads from outer space, lush pads, and super wide basslines. This plugin is a must have for any producer who seeks that ultra fat, club sound, or any composer who wants to add some extra dimension to their sounds and mixes.

Don’t miss out, hit your tracks with a bit of the X and hear what you’ve been missing!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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