electro city

Electro City is a huge and versatile collection of cutting edge electronic loops and sounds, covering everything from kicks and hi-hats to basslines, chords, and synth leads. What sets this collection apart from other run-of-the-mill loop collections, however, is the sleek and intuitive engine that powers this library. Consider this a loop library on steroids, so to speak.

If you are familiar with similar Sample Logic libraries (such as Expeditions or Ryhthmology), you will be familiar with the engine and interface present for Electro City. At it’s heart is a multi layer loop sequencer and grove engine, capable of loading separate layers from a vast collection of loops, and creating your own custom sounds with the built in FX engines and step sequencers.

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Navigating this library is a breeze, thanks to the sounds all being tagged and categorized very nicely. To find a mutli that matches the style you need, simply open the browser and select whatever type of sound you need (organic, cinematic, dubstep, aggressive, etc), and all the sounds that match will be right there on the right hand side, ready to go. Click the heart button to add a sound to your favorites.

There are hundreds of multi’s ready to load up and use instantly, but the possibilities really open up when you mix and match different loops in the engine, providing a near limitless amount of combinations. This library covers everything from simple hi-hats and kick and snare sequences, soft electro house chords, pop/EDM basslines, all the way to hyper-aggressive dubstep wobbles and gritty hybrid drums.

Add to that the powerful step sequencers and FX, and you can create full featured tracks, with stunning and rich electronic sounds, that will fit right in on a Top-40 hit record or an epic cinematic trailer. Welcome to Electro City!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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