ENFORCER by BOOM Library – Power Up Your Music!


Boom Library Enforcer is an audio effects plugin capable of enhancing, or even completely transforming, any input signal you can throw at it. Included are over 115 professional presets in various categories, for instant application to kicks, snares, claps, hi hats, orchestral percussion, bass, and also trailer effects and sound design elements.

This library takes your audio samples and can instantly add power, punch, and earth shaking low end. You adjust the trigger point for the effect to occur, so you can surgically determine exactly when the plugin will take effect based on the transients of the audio input signal.

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You can add definition and punch to a kick to make it cut right through the mix, or even transform that kick into a massive 808 drum that shakes the whole block. Adding Enforcer to bass sounds can also enhance the low end dramatically, or alter the overall sound based on the selected oscillator in the interface. For instance, you can take a clean sub-bass sine wave and turn it into an EDM dance pluck, without losing any of the character of the original sound. Think of it as enhancing your sounds through synthesis and selective frequency enhancements.

Not only does this plugin do wonders for massive low end, it can enhance the attack of your snares, claps, and hi hats, as well as orchestral percussion and an assortment of sound effects. Using the SFX presets, you can even design your own effects using any sample you can think of, adding whooshes and various sound effects to your signal.

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Not ready to buy this, Download and play with the free trial. It functions fully for seven days what are you waiting for time to make loud bass noise. enforce exactly and only what you want.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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