Front Row Violins by Kirk Hunter Studios – Quick Walkthrough

front row violins

Kirk Hunter Studios’ Front Row Violins is your one stop shop for sampled violins, including ensemble sizes ranging from one solo player to a full orchestral ensemble of 16 violinists, and everything in between.

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This library includes multiple articulations and bowing styles, offering a deep level of customization not often seen with other orchestral string libraries. Each note is velocity sensitive with multiple dynamic layers, and vibrato is fully controllable via the GUI or the modwheel. There are six different vibrato options to choose from, as well as easy options to enable and disable divisi and legato, as well as being able to switch between the full ensemble and one solo player on the fly via the GUI or keyswitches. This means you can load up one patch and use it as both a solo string library and an ensemble library at different times.

This library really excels at writing fast and agile violin runs, and the different bowing options allow you to control the smoothness and amount of slur during these phrases. An option is also available to control the tightness of the staccato notes, so you can have your staccato phrases and ostinatos play as tight or as loose as you need depending on the context.

Also included are more complex options to adjust the parameters and details of each individual detail and effect available in the library, which along with the multiple bowing options and vast amount of vibrato sounds, offers an incredible amount of control and depth to this library. Don’t miss this amazing deal!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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