[WATCH] Female Vocal Extravaganza: Realivox Ladies Versus Sonuscore Lyrical Vocal Phrases!

Realivox Vs Vocal Lyrical Phrases - The blog-min

When it comes to music, sometimes nothing can beat the human voice. The beauty, the expressiveness, and the nuance captured with a human vocal performance: there’s nothing quite like it. However, sometimes we want to add some extra flavor to our tracks in the form of a world class vocalist, but we aren’t the best singers ourselves. That, or we don’t really have time to search and hire a singer! Luckily, with the leaps and bounds made in sampling technology over the past decade, we can have access to some of the most talented and renowned vocalists right at our fingertips.

The female voice lends itself well to almost any genre of music, from pop records and soul music, to ethereal cinematic vocals and angelic operatic themes, and everything in between. Sometimes the male voice just can’t capture what the female voice can effortlessly produce. Today we are going to check out some world class products that can satisfy all your needs when it comes to female vocals for your tracks!

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First we have Realivox Ladies, which is a full fledged sample library featuring 5 amazing singers, each with a vastly different voice and singing style. We have Cheryl (cinematic and airy), Teresa (operatic soprano), Patty (pop and ethnic), Julie (full range), and Toni (pop/r&b). Each singer features multiple articulations, from smooth and realistic legato transitions (including polyphonic legato), sustains with multiple vowel selections (ah, eh, ee, oh, oo, uh, and mm), and a custom phrase builder with a selection of different syllables (doo, bee, mah, yah, hey, etc..), which can be chained together in any order to create your own unique vocal lines. In addition to having these 5 unique singers, you can stack up to 10 vocalists at once and create your own small choir. Other unique features include adjusting the timbre of each singer between different levels of “dark” and “bright”, extensive keyswitches, built in effects, and lots of tweakable options in the interface. Covering a wide range of styles with plenty of features and fantastic sound quality, Realivox Ladies is a classic vocal library worthy of consideration for any songwriter’s arsenal.

For the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Sonuscore’s Lyrical Vocal Phrases, which is a phrase based library featuring the performances of Conny Kollet, an incredible singer with a truly beautiful voice. Similar to Lyrical Cello Phrases, also from Sonuscore, this library captures the total performance, and translates all the expressiveness and realism straight into your MIDI keyboard. The phrases are playable in any key, at any speed, and come in a variety of different themes, or scales. The immediate vibe of this library is very ethereal, sometimes haunting, but always beautiful. It’s incredibly easy to just load up this library into Kontakt, and within a few seconds, have a flawless performance ready to simply drag and drop directly into your track. The sound quality, simplicity, and ease of use here are second to none.

These products are both feature world class singers available to you at the press of a button. You really can’t go wrong! Try them out today to add a touch of human performance to your projects and take your tracks to the next level.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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Jim Gramze
Jim Gramze
3 years ago

Realivox Blue is much more interesting because you can do any words once you figure out the phonetics and diphthongs. Here, you should have turned off that monstrous reverb on Vocal Lyrical Phrases to compare the raw singing voices because that reverb is only good for demos and a real person making real music is going to use their own FX to work with the rest of the music. As such this comparison simply isn’t realistic even though you are using both as they come default.

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