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Rigid Audio Bundle - The blog-min

We are incredibly excited to announce The Rigid Audio Bundle, containing 9 complete libraries, a $746 dollar value, for only $39 for a limited time. This bundle includes the following products: Hypernode,  Space, Space 2, Ghost, Aquiver, Cinematrix, Padstation 2, Synferno, and Supine.

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Hypernode – this is a massive library unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a Kontakt library. Hypernode is more than just an instrument, it is a full fledged song arranger with multiple modules (kicks, percussion, bass, FX, harmony, leads, pads, and accompaniment), step sequencers, FX, containing over 300 multi-instruments and over 600 sounds. It is essentially loop based, but none of the loops are pre-determined wav files. You create your own loops and sequences, as everything is fully tweakable with the step sequencers, which control notes, pitch, panning, reverb, delay, root note/scale, and more. There are 8 separate modules for intro, verse, chorus, bridge, middle, fills, and outro, all able to be switched on the fly with the press of a key. Bottom line: this is the most complex and fully featured Kontakt library I’ve ever seen, performing more like a hardware beat arranger than a traditional instrument.

Space, Space 2, and Ghost – These libraries contain over 300 sounds, and are amazing ambiance and atmosphere generation tools. Featuring evolving, evocative atmospheres, ranging from gentle and mysterious to huge and unnerving, complete with top notch effects to apply to each sound source. Perfect for adding textures and  to any genre.

Cinematrix, Synferno, and Supineloop based libraries each containing over 300 kits, or sound sources, featuring cutting edge cinematic and ambient sounds. Each library contains four separate modules and the ability to play each layer simultaneously or individually, and the option and mix and match sound sources from any of the available kits, for a staggering array of sonic possibilities.

Aquiver – a deep granular synthesis engine featuring over 1000 sounds, featuring braams, chords, drones, pads, effects, guitars, pianos, strings, soundscapes, vocals, and more! A powerful tool for underscore and adding unique textures. Use the randomize function for a unique sound to add into your tracks instantly. The effects engine here is especially fun, with automated modulation patterns and the ability to record your own custom automation for any of the effects.

Padstation 2 – A pad library featuring over 400 multisampled sound sources. Load up to two separate sound sources and blend between them on the fly, applying effects and filters as you experiment with the lush and textural sounds available.

All in all, I was blown away by the sonic possibilities available with each and every one of these incredible libraries from Rigid Audio. They are very electronic in nature. as opposed to realistic and natural, and add otherworldly textures, tight percussion grooves, aggressive basslines, soaring leads, trippy ambient effects, and much, much more. An absolute must have library at an insanely low price, featuring some of the most in depth and unique libraries I’ve ever heard.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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