• Michaela’s Harp by LIBREWAVE

    4.4/5.0 (Total reviews: 7)

    For as low as $19 (normally $65) with your rewards, get Michaela’s Harp by Librewave!

    This instrument was created to showcase the delicate yet feisty spirit of the Celtic harp. It can be soft and gentle or bold and strong and everything in-between.

    The Libre Wave team recorded a modern Celtic harp with a warm tone and a built in pick-up. This allowed them to create a direct input recording in addition to two stereo microphone positions.

    Michaela’s harp was recorded in a studio so the samples are fairly dry which will help you blend and layer them with your other instruments.

    Michaela’s Harp was built with HISE and runs as an independent VSTi/AU plugin without the need of an extra player application.

    current price 65.00 base price 19.00
  • O’Malley’s Irish Whistles by LIBREWAVE

    3.8/5.0 (Total reviews: 37)

    For as low as $14.99 (normally $66.74) with your rewards, get O’Malley’s Irish Whistles by LIBREWAVE!

    O’Malley’s Irish Whistles is a collection of 4 virtual instruments with samples performed by Mimi O’Malley.

    Included are D, C, Bb and Low D whistles. The library is available in both VSTi and AU plugin format.

    Features such as legato, continuous dynamics, and a dedicated breath controller mode give you the ability to craft a nuanced performance.

    Get O’Malley’s Irish Whistles for as low as $14.99 with your rewards – limited time offer, don’t miss out!

    current price 66.74 base price 14.99
  • Sordina – A Muted Instrument Emulator by LIBREWAVE

    4.2/5.0 (Total reviews: 32)

    For as low as $14.99 (normally $94.34) with your rewards, get Sordina, a muted instrument emulator by LIBREWAVE!

    Sordina is an instrument mute emulator. It allows you to apply a wide range of mutes to your unmuted virtual instruments or live recordings.

    Sordina works by using detailed impulse responses created through the analysis of real-world recordings of muted and un-muted instruments. The results are very accurate reproductions of the genuine mutes.

    If you are a brass player, you can use this plugin on your recordings and get a realistic and effective muted sound without having to go out and buy a mute for your instrument! There are presets for various instruments, such as the trumpet trombone, and french horn, as well as saxophones, tubas, flugelhorns, and more!

    Get Sordina for as low as $14.99 – limited time offer, don’t miss out!

    current price 95.00 base price 14.99