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Backs Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh
Backs Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh
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Backs Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh

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Elevate your mixes with the powerful sound of classic 1950s era EQs!

The Backs Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh includes both the Backs EQ and the Backs Pro EQ, meticulously modeled to deliver smooth, musical response and dramatic sound shaping.

The Backs Pro EQ extends its sonic palette further with Mid/Side processing, a unique Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for subtle warmth, and an additional special tube preamp mode. Refine your sound with surgical precision and explore a wider range of creative possibilities.

Limited-time offer: Get the Backs Pro Bundle for only $29.90, a steal from the usual price of $140!

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Take your mixes and masters to the next level with the Backs Pro Bundle, the secret weapon of top audio engineers!

This powerful collection of equalizer plugins captures the magic of classic 1950s era equalizers, known for their smooth, musical response and ability to breathe new life into any sound.

Backs EQ: Dial in subtle tonal magic

The Backs EQ plugin is your go-to tool for transparent and natural-sounding EQ. Whether you're adding a touch of warmth to vocals, tightening up the low end of your bass guitar, or breathing new life into a dull sample, the Backs EQ delivers smooth, musical results every time.

Backs Pro EQ: Unleash your inner sonic sculptor

The Backs Pro EQ takes everything you love about the Backs EQ and adds a supercharged set of features to give you even more control over your sound. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Mid/Side processing: Isolate and manipulate the mid and side signals of your stereo tracks. Want to widen your mixes for a more expansive sound? The Backs Pro EQ can do that. Need to tame some low-end muddiness? It's got you covered.
  • Nuance Deviation System (NDS): This innovative technology subtly enhances the harmonics of your audio, adding a touch of richness and analog character that makes your mixes sound truly professional.
  • Special tube preamp mode: Warm up your sounds with the smooth, vintage vibe of a classic tube preamp. Add subtle analog character and a touch of harmonic magic to anything you run through it.

With the Backs Pro Bundle, you'll have the perfect EQ tool for every mixing and mastering task. It's the ideal choice for audio engineers, producers, and musicians who demand the best possible sound.

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Key Features

2 versions as a bundle: Backs EQ using a lighter CPU and Backs Pro version with advanced modern features
Mixing and Mastering purpose 1950s classic shelving tones; Low-shelf, High-shelf, High-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter
Additional Mid Band
Additional Preamp modes: Vintage Tube and Special Tube type saturation.
Interaction between EQ bands
Mid/Side channel processing mode (Backs Pro EQ)
Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for individual Left/Mid and Right/Side channels (Backs Pro EQ)
Anti-Aliasing Analog Modeling Engine
Optimized Resizable GUI layout for the effective workflow
CPU friendly
Available for Mac & PC in VST3, AAX and AU formats (64-bit only)

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    Backs Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh

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