EDM / Bigroom Ammunition + Trap Illuminator 8000X1 Bundle by G-Sonique

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For as low as $41.00 (normally $55) with your rewards cash, get EDM / Bigroom Ammunition + Trap Illuminator 8000X1, two of the most sought after music production tools from G-Sonique.

TRAP ILLUMINATOR 8000X1 is a modern plug-in instrument created for Trap, Hip-Hop, Arab Trap and EDM producers. Trap Illuminator include 136+ high quality, multi octave instruments ready for Professional music production.

EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION is probably the only one thing you need to create EDM / BIGROOM dancefloor killing hits instantly. If you want to be successful DJ/producer travelling from gig to gig worldwide, enjoying fast supercars, open-air festivals, girls n champagne in backstage, check this monster.

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