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Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio
Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio
Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio

Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio

Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $69.99.

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Add Depth and Character to your mixes with the Parallel Character Bundle for Just $69.99 (Limited Time!)

Take your mixing to the next level with the Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio, now available for only $69.99 (originally $179)! This powerful plugin duo, Resonote and Octapus, injects depth, tonal character, and massive sound into your music productions.

Unleash the Musical Potential of Resonances: Resonote, at its core, is a Note-based Resonator and tuned Soft-Distortion plugin in one. It gives the opportunity to make every sound fit into your melody or chord structure, giving body and character that perfectly suits your music’s vibe.

The Ultimate Octaver: Meet Octapus, it makes your sounds more unique and huge. It has easy sliders for introducing the time­stretched versions of the source, up and down an octave, plus built­-in High/Low pass filters, Special-Detune and Spread for that big sound.

Simple to use, exceptional results: The Parallel Character Bundle combines powerful features with an intuitive interface. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, you can achieve incredible results quickly and easily.

Limited time offer, don’t miss out!

NOTE: available for Mac and PC in VST3 and AU formats

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Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio

Fuel your creativity and inject professional-grade character into your mixes with the Parallel Character Bundle from CARP Audio. This dynamic plugin duo, Resonote and Octapus, empowers you to sculpt your sound in a unique way with precision and stand out with your music productions.

Resonote: Resonances Meets Musicality

Imagine having a note-specific sculpting tool at your fingertips. Resonote grants you the power to meticulously shape the distortion and resonance of any element in your mix with the key of your song in mind:

Note-Specific Resonances: Select your desired note, whether it's your track's key or a note that compliments your arrangement. All 9 'Resonance channels' will be changed to that note. Now you can shape the balance of the resonances that are in the key of your track.

Resonance Taming: Resonote introduces the "Tame Resonances" feature, reducing the resonances without touching the harmonic overtones created by them. This allows you to add tonal character to your sound without the heavy resonances that it used to create it.

Note-Specific Distortion: The magic happens as the resonances from all channels are individually filtered and then sent through a soft distortion stage in parallel, generating harmonic overtones based on only your generated resonances.

Meet Octapus from CARP Audio, your shortcut to creating massive sounds. With two sliders, you can introduce pitched versions of your audio, up or down an octave using a Polished Time-Stretching Algorithm. And use the extra effects to get the best out of the generated octaves.

  • Detune: The Detune function lets you detune the individual L & R voices of each pitched octaves by a small factor. You may know this feature from using synthesizers. This feature is unique to Octapus and let’s you use it on real-time sources.
  • Parallel Processing Magic: Experience the power of parallel processing. Octapus allows you to manipulate your audio with subtle yet impactful effects, preserving the original sound while adding richness and power.
  • Effortless Control: Octapus boasts user-friendly controls that make crafting your perfect sound simple and intuitive.

Effortless Workflow, Exceptional Results

The Parallel Character Bundle is designed with both seasoned producers and newcomers in mind. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly navigate powerful features and achieve incredible results efficiently.

Don't Miss Out on This Sonic Powerhouse

Elevate your mixes to the next level and unlock a world of creative possibilities with the Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio. This limited-time offer allows you to experience the power of professional ­grade parallel processing at an exceptional value.

Use Cases:

  • Vocals
  • Synth Leads
  • Single-Note instruments
  • Making your hi-hats, toms, snares and other percussion blend into your song's melodic structure by giving them note based saturation.
  • Adding melodic ambience to any non-musical sound without pitching.
  • Adding melodic character to any one-shot or loop to seamlessly blend it into your track's melodic structure.
  • Giving every sound a change to participate in your song's melody/ chord progression.

$179.00 Value



Parallel Time-Stretching (-1 and +1 octave)
High/Low Pass Filter per channel
Audition Mode
Detune (Unique Algorithm)
Spread (Stereo Enhancing)
Polished Top-Notch Time-Stretching Algorithms
Note-specific Soft Distortion
Note-specific Resonance Generating
9 Resonance Channels (9 note octaves)
Resonance Tamer (Reduces generated resonances without touching the harmonic overtones created by them)
Available for Mac and PC in VST3 and AU formats

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    Parallel Character Bundle by CARP Audio

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