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PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware
PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware
PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware

PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware

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Add Vintage Character and Control to Your Mixes

Looking to add a touch of classic analog warmth and character to your productions? Don’t miss this chance to grab PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware for only $35 (originally $99)!

This versatile plugin is more than just a compressor – it’s a sonic secret weapon for producers of all genres.

PSP oldTimer ME faithfully emulates the sound of legendary vintage compressors, adding rich saturation, smooth character, and subtle imperfections that enhance your sound.

Unlike its predecessor, PSP oldTimer ME offers mid/side processing, giving you even more control over your mix.

Breathe new life into your instruments, vocals, and entire mixes with the smooth analog character and detailed control of PSP oldTimer ME.

At this limited-time price, it’s an essential addition to any music producer’s toolkit. Add timeless warmth, subtle grit, and analog mojo to your music for a fraction of the usual cost!

Limited time offer, don’t miss out!

NOTE: available for Mac and PC in VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats.

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PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware

PSP oldTimer ME - The All-in-One Compressor for Mastering and More

Inject rich analog character and smooth compression into your mixes and masters with PSP oldTimer ME, the ultimate vintage-style compressor plugin by PSP Audioware. This versatile tool goes beyond simple level reduction, offering a unique blend of musicality and control that elevates your productions to the next level.

Unveiling the Power of Vintage Compression:

  • Emulate the Magic of Classic Hardware: Unlike sterile digital compressors, oldTimer ME meticulously captures the sonic essence of legendary vintage compressors. Experience the warmth, punch, and subtle harmonic enhancement that only analog processing can provide.
  • Effortless Workflow, Exceptional Results: Streamline your mixing process with oldTimer ME's intuitive interface. Simple controls allow you to dial in the perfect compression with ease, while visual feedback keeps you informed about your processing.

Tailored Compression for Every Track:

  • Versatile Attack and Release Controls: Shape the transient response of your audio with comprehensive attack and release controls. From tight and punchy drums to smooth and forgiving vocals, oldTimer ME offers the perfect compression character for every musical element.
  • Variable Knee: Achieve transparent or more aggressive compression with the adjustable knee control. Fine-tune the transition between linear and compressed regions, creating subtle or pronounced level control as needed.
  • Mid/Side Processing (ME Version): (Available in the ME version) Take complete control over your stereo image. Process the mid and side signals independently, allowing you to widen the stereo field, tame low-end muddiness, or enhance specific frequency ranges within your mix.

Beyond Compression: A Suite of Creative Possibilities:

  • Subtle Saturation: Breathe life into your tracks with the oldTimer ME's built-in subtle saturation. Add a touch of warmth, analog character, or subtle harmonic enhancement to your audio for a more polished and professional sound.
  • Parallel Compression: Achieve the coveted "New York Style" compression with ease. Blend the uncompressed and compressed signals for enhanced punch, clarity, and glue without sacrificing dynamic range.

Why Choose PSP oldTimer ME?

  • Vintage Analog Character: Experience the warmth, punch, and subtle harmonic enhancement of classic hardware compression.
  • Intuitive Interface: Achieve incredible results quickly and easily with simple controls and clear visual feedback.
  • Tailored Compression: Shape your sound with versatile attack, release, and knee controls for every track element.
  • Mid/Side Processing (ME Version): (Available in the ME version) Refine your stereo image and achieve greater control over your mix.
  • Subtle Saturation: Add warmth, character, and polish to your audio.
  • Parallel Compression Option: Achieve the sought-after "New York Style" compression with ease.
  • High-Quality Processing: Enjoy pristine audio quality with 64-bit double-precision floating-point processing.
  • Zero Latency: Maintain a smooth workflow with zero-latency processing ideal for live monitoring and performance mixing.

Ready to Experience the Power of Vintage Compression?

Download your trial version of PSP oldTimer ME today and discover how this versatile compressor can elevate your mixes and masters to new heights!

$99.00 Value



High quality signal processing algorithms
All internal processing done with 64 bit double precision floats
Option to process left, right, mid or side channel exclusively (ME version)
32 and 64 bit floating-point audio streams supported
ZERO samples latency
Sample rates up to 192kHz supported
x64 support for Windows and Mac OSX systems
Extensive library of presets
Available for Mac and PC in VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats.

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    PSP oldTimer ME by PSPAudioware

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