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Rift by Minimal Audio
Rift by Minimal Audio
Rift by Minimal Audio

Rift by Minimal Audio

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For a limited time, get Rift for just $64 (regularly $129)!

Tired of the same old distortion effects? Dive into a world of sonic possibilities with Rift, the groundbreaking multi-effect plugin that’s transforming the way electronic music producers create.

Why Rift?

  • Unrivaled Distortion: Sculpt your sound with 30 unique algorithms and a multi-polar processing engine that goes far beyond traditional distortion.
  • Musical Feedback: Tune feedback to specific notes, creating melodic sequences that perfectly complement your track.
  • Morphing Filters: Shape your sound with 24 custom filter types, from morphing to phaser and vowel.
  • Multi-Band Precision: Take total control of your effects with flexible multi-band processing.
  • Intuitive Modulation: Craft complex, evolving sounds with powerful curve sequencing and endless preset variations.
  • Dark Mode: Work comfortably day or night with a sleek, customizable interface.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your productions to new heights. Grab Rift for 50% off and start creating sounds that truly stand out.

NOTE: Available for Mac & PC in AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats (64-bit).

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Rift by Minimal Audio

Rift is a multi-effect powerhouse loved by electronic music producers worldwide for its unique sound and intuitive workflow. Go far beyond traditional distortion with Rift's multi-polar processing engine, melodic feedback, morphing filters, and flexible multi-band effects.

What you get with Rift:

  • 30+ High-Quality Distortion Algorithms: Fuse and blend unique distortion types for a massive range of sonic possibilities.
  • Melodic Feedback: Create musical sequences in key with your track by tuning Rift's feedback to specific notes.
  • Twisted Delays: Craft disintegrating spaces and overdriven echoes that feedback through the multi-polar distortion.
  • Morphing Filters: Choose from 24 custom filter types, including phasers, vowel filters, and more.
  • Multi-Band Effects: Send any combination of distortion, feedback, and filtering through the multi-band crossover for precise control.
  • Intuitive Modulation: Bring your tracks to life with drag-and-drop curve sequencers, macros, LFOs, and envelope followers.
  • 400+ Presets & Smart Randomization: Get inspired by a vast library of presets and create infinite variations with intelligent randomization.

Perfect for:

  • Electronic Music Producers: Add depth, character, and unique textures to your tracks.
  • Sound Designers: Craft custom sound effects and sonic landscapes.
  • Experimental Musicians: Explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of sound design.

Don't miss this opportunity to add Rift to your creative toolkit at an unbeatable price!

$129.00 Value


Features & Requirements

Multi-Polar Distortion
Melodic Feedback
Twisted Delays
Morphing Filters
Multi-Band Effects
Choose Your Look
Intuitive Modulation
Two Powerful Views
Flexible Preset Library
Smart Randomization
In-App Tooltips
Available for Mac & PC in AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats (64-bit)

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    Rift by Minimal Audio

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