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Skybox Audio Everything Bundle
Skybox Audio Everything Bundle
Skybox Audio Everything Bundle

Skybox Audio Everything Bundle

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For only $249 (normally $576), get the SkyBox Everything Bundle!

Captured with beyond-human precision by robotic automation, Hammers and Waves – Core Collection is a 10 instrument modern keyboard collection like no other.

Ignite your creativity with an elevated playback engine that features completely innovative sound shaping tools that endlessly inspire. Meet your new go-to.

Includes 10 award-winning instruments: Modern Grand, Relic Upright, UX Upright, Suitcase 73, EP200A, Obscura Felted Grand, Muted Relic, Dulcitone, J Celeste and J Toy Piano.

This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save!

NOTE: Requires Free Kontakt Player or Full Kontakt version 6.0.0 or higher

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Skybox Audio Everything Bundle

Hammers + Waves Core Collection includes 10 deep sampled keyboard instruments carefully selected by the team at skybox Audio. Each one a truly exceptional representation of it's kind.

Capturing the original instruments in stunning detail with precision robotics delivers an unprecedented playing experience. But REAL is only the beginning. Ignite your creativity with an elevated playback engine that features completely innovative sound shaping tools.

SWARM: Deep Granular Synthesis Engine
The world’s first Deep Granular Synth, SWARM gives you the power to generate modern, unique textures. From beautifully cinematic atmospheres to grinding chaotic drones, get inspired.

FRACTALS: Motion/Arpeggiation Engine
Organic in motion. An arpeggiator designed especially for acoustic keyboard instruments, FRACTALS delivers musical rhythmic movement with a truly innovative and flexible feature set.

500 Presets: Highly Curated Instant Inspiration
No throw aways here. The 500 meta-tagged easily tweak-able presets in Hammers + Waves were created by industry acclaimed sound designers responsible for some of the most cutting edge sounds in music today.

Why a robot? Captured by Proprietary Robotic automation

Using robotic precision allowed us to capture the true response of these instruments in incredible detail. The velocity zones of Hammers + Waves are determined by the force applied to the key itself, not an estimation based on amplitude. The result is a playing experience that is freakishly true to the feel and response of the original instrument.

What's included?

Modern Grand
A beautiful Yamaha C6 Conservatory piano was chosen for the Modern Grand. This particular model stood out as having a balanced tone that would stand strong as a solo instrument while also being punchy enough to sit well in a mix.

UX Upright
This 52" upright piano is a standard instrument in studios all over the world. This model we sampled is one of the few with extra radial bracing providing an even richer sound. We love the character and extremely even response to this beauty.

Relic Upright
How this 1890 Schaff Brothers "Tom Thumb'' piano made its way from the factory in Huntington Indiana to Venice California we may never know. But what we do know is the vibe is real! We selected this instrument strictly for it's amazing character.

Muted Relic
As composers, the skybox team is always searching for unique and disruptive sounds. This instrument was made from our beloved 1890 Schaff Brothers upright. We treated the strings with a thick coating of gaffer tape to create a plucky tone that's a fresh and inventive substitute for your old pizzicato patch.

We've played a LOT of 200A's over the years but this one is special. Plucked from a pawn shop in Seattle while on the road with Ricky Lee Jones, this instrument has that inexplicable thing that makes you want to just keep playing and playing.

Suitcase 73
Rebuilt from the ground up by Los Angeles' most legendary technician, this Rhodes is a force to be reckoned with. Precision deep sampled in every detail, Hammers + Waves stunningly recreates this absolutely perfect example of what these instruments are capable of.

J Celeste
A vintage 1950s tabletop celeste was selected for this instrument. Before we sampled a note, we had the action of this little beauty completely rebuilt by a master technician. The result is possibly the most even response ever for an instrument of this kind.

J Toy Piano
Maybe the most detailed toy piano sample ever created, we gave this classic sound the full treatment. The model we decided on has the sweetest tone of the many we tested.

Pulled from a dilapidated house in Beverly Hills, this Dulcitone was painstakingly rebuilt to its historical glory. We captured this beautifully charming instrument with all it's quirks intact for an incredibly authentic playing experience.

Obscura Grand
A delicate strip of felt was woven between the hammers and strings of our C6 Conservatory Grand for this stirring instrument. 16 velocities were sampled in a softer dynamic range to give maximum resolution where it matters. Blend between the focused sound above the strings and the darker tones underneath the piano.

$576.00 Value


Key Features

Over 40,000 samples
16 velocities sampled per note
16 release samples per note
16 release samples per note
True sympathetic resonance samples
Hammer return samples
Velocity sensitive intelligent pedal and damper samples
Pre-Strike mode for enhanced realism
2 blendable mic positions (close/far)
500 meta-tagged NKS compatible presets
Compatible with all DAWs
Requires Free Kontakt Player or Full Kontakt version 6.0.0 or higher

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    Skybox Audio Everything Bundle

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