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[WATCH] Reforged by Impact Soundworks – Quick Look

Metallic percussion samples are a staple in any cinematic composer’s percussive toolkit. Today, we dive into Reforged, a percussion sample library produced by Impact Soundworks. This particular library features a collection of organic metal samples, all recorded in the Welsh countryside. It also comes with an extensive range of sound... Read More »

Over Deserts with Koron Iranian Instruments

Koron Iranian Instruments Hey guys. It's Jon, back with another review for Audio Plugin Deals! I've been busy checking out a library from Impact Soundworks. Composers will likely have as much fun with the Koron Iranian instruments as I did! As a result of my various composing ventures, I am... Read More »
acoustic revolutions 3

Acoustic Revolutions 3 by Impact Soundworks

Acoustic Revolutions 3 is a Kontakt virtual instrument that provides access to an extensive collection of playable acoustic guitar rhythms. Personally, this is something I really need. Although I revere the sound of the guitar, I have never been able to play the guitar well enough to make recordings worthy... Read More »
resonance emotional mallets

[Video Review] Getting Emotional with Resonance Emotional Mallets by Impact Soundworks

Resonance Emotional Mallets by Impact Soundworks is a unique sample library consisting of various custom mallet instruments that are charged with emotion. All instruments have been deeply sampled in exquisite detail providing immediate inspiration. From the moment you first touch the keyboard you will feel the emotion. Click button below... Read More »
rhapsody orchestral percussion

[Video Review] Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion by Impact Soundworks

NOTE: Rhapsody is not a Kontakt Player library, and requires the full version of Kontakt to run. Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion is a library produced by Impact Soundworks (creators of the Shreddage series, Bravura Scoring Brass & Pearl Concert Grand). This particular library is a versatile and very worthy addition to... Read More »
top 5 kontakt instruments

[WATCH] Top 5 Kontakt Instruments You Do Not Want To Miss

Sometimes, you just need a really specific type of sound in one of your compositions. Or maybe sometimes you just need something cool or unique to inspire you. There are around 70 different award-winning Kontakt libraries on the Audio Plugin Deals store right now, so perhaps we can help you... Read More »