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VEEVUM Sunc Gold Edition

The randomisation capabilities of VEEVUM BEAT (Veevum 10) make it super easy to create new rhythmic beds which get stored automatically and are ready to be used at a touch of a key. VEEVUM BEAT includes 3200 Drums and percussion loops ranging from acoustic drums to hyper effected percussion and beyond. Each Sound Hexagon in the honeybee includes 32 loops: 8 drums/percussion tracks in 4 variations. VEEVUM BEAT is the perfect rhythm creator for Ambient Producers and Cinematic Composers.

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VEEVUM HUMAN (Veevum 11) includes vocal textures, vocal lines with applied rhythmic effects processing, male and female tones ranging from soft gospel background vocals to raging metal wails.
VEEVUM HUMAN provides pads, soundscapes, pulses, staccatos, plucks, loops and effects generated from a large pool of human voice recordings. Organic & delicate and unrecognisable and otherworldly at times.

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Veevum sync guitarscapes

VEEVUM SYNC – GUITARSCAPES (VEEVUM 12) : All sounds in Veevum 12 have been carefully curated using a plethora of equipment, hardware effects and plugins to achieve unique guitar sounds which will prove to be extremely useful not only in Cinematic, Ambient and electronic music, but also in Inspirational and Emotional compositions. These are not the usual multi-sampled guitar instruments, but new instruments derived from guitar recordings.

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$35 Value

Bundle Value: $399



Audiofier Team · Veevum

key Features

  • 100 Loops Groups (Loops +Sustained sounds) – Veevum 11,12
  • 100 Loops Groups (Drums + Percussion) – Veevum 10
  • 32 loops per Loop Group – Veevum 10
  • Sounds categories filtering
  • Randomizable Cells
  • Slices Sequencer
  • 7 Playing Modes (Random, Random+ Persistent, Fixed Random, Stack, Spread, Curves, Velocity Layers)
  • Ornaments
  • Key/Scale manager & Voice Manager
  • Volume & Filter Step Sequencers
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sound Sources Mixer
  • Convolution Effect
  • Modulation fx, Reverb & Delay
  • Random FXPitch Displacement Effect
  • BUNDLE REQUIRES KONTAKT 5.8.1 or above – will not work with the free kontakt player.

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