Sensational vintage workstation sounds with the MKSensation Xtreme!

The MKSensation Xtreme from Gospel Musicians (VST/AU/AAX) is a warm selection of synths and electronic pianos based around the MKS-20 piano module. It features over 74 presets and plenty of customisations to ensure you create a sound to your liking.

One of the features I really liked was the ability to split the keyboard into different samples; you can stack up to 8 and individually assign them to parts of the keyboard with a drag of the mouse.

It has pads, pianos, brass, strings, synth bass to orchestra hits!

Another great feature is the ability to edit each stacked sample in detail, easily remove, mute or lower volume using the simple GUI.

Some of the customisations include a rack of effects per sample and vintage analogue wavetable sounds.

I loved the warm vintage sounds available in this library; particularly the analog synths.

This is a great discount and can provide some vintage warmth to any of your tracks!

-Jess @ APD

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