Explore the possibilities with Wavesynth from Karanyi Sounds (for Kontakt FULL)!

The amount of variation with this library really blew me away. The 3 packs provide synth-wave vibes, film scoring sounds/SFX, and some base sounds (raw wavetables) to tweak into your own palette.

I particularly enjoy the detail of customisation that is available for each sample; including a randomiser to create new sounds instantly.

There are over 220 presets to get you started; which instantly set me up for a synthwave track! I thoroughly enjoyed the vintage warmth of the presets and was inspired to tweak them using the helpful GUI.

The wavetable is easily adjusted along with filters, dimensions, delay, and reverb. There are basic customisation options initially visible, but simply click a button to see the advanced mixing options, which were very simple to use!

Visually this library is stunning and incredibly good value; a solid buy and you won’t be disappointed; only inspired!

-Jess @APD

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Tom Riviere
Tom Riviere
11 months ago

You can find most of these sounds ,effects in my DAW .

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