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FREEBIE Alert! Aquamarine Lite by Muze… for free!

FREEBIE Alert! Aquamarine Lite by Muze… for free!


Did I mention it was FREE?! This little version has so much to brag about, with 150 presets… and within each preset, hundreds of “mini presets” for each source.

The GUI is aesthetically lovely with lots to tweak and play around with for the perfect texture or pad. It has been sampled on analogue synths and processed to bring you ethereal, yet massive soundscapes and textures to add depth to your tracks straight out the box.

Some of the “tweaking” options include a modern compressor, panorama for all your surround mixing needs, an effects rack, and an in-depth mixer for each of the 4 sources.

The X-Y modulation is another brilliant feature to be played around with; using its powerful layering engine!

This is a Kontakt Full library that is easily downloadable to see for yourself just how vast the options are for unique sounds in your music.

-Jess @APD


6 Responses

  1. Hi Jess. I download the plugin but there is no drop-down menu for the presets. Am I missing something or are they not included in the Lite version?

      1. Thanks Brian. I relied on ‘Documentation’ and overlooked the Install zip file. All good.

  2. Same issue as Gordon. The snapshots will not load. Kontakt “Content Missing” window appears and states that “01 PD – Azores.nki” could not be found.

    1. You have to click this little camera icon first before the snapshot menu will appear. Then you have to make sure the snapshots are installed already, which is easy to do following the instructions provided with the download. Here is a link to the instructions just in case. Let us know if this works.

      Aquamarine Lite only has two separate .nki files, which are “07 PD – Caribbean” and “07 PD Caribbean – Eco”, neither which are named “01 PD – Azores” so I’m a bit stumped as to why that is happening. Have you extracted the entire “Muze_Aqua_Lite.zip” folder to a location on your PC? I only get content missing when I try to drag one of the instruments into Kontakt without extracting the entire folder first.

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    FREEBIE Alert! Aquamarine Lite by Muze… for free!

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