One week left to grab Cadenza Solo Strings at a discount!

Cadenza Solo Strings, by Sound Magic, is a library for the Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modeling Engine (no Kontakt required). You get a variety of articulations for the three sampled instruments: violin, viola, and cello.

The sound is clean, crisp, and dry, but there’s a very nice built-in reverb that allows you to add early reflections, and you can even place the instruments in a virtual space by using the graphical placement tool, which is very helpful. If you prefer the sound to be up close and dry, just turn the reverb off and you’ll get only the detailed, dry sound of the instruments themselves.


There are a variety of long and short notes included, from a super tight spiccato, to a more relaxed staccato, long notes with and without vibrato, as well as some beautiful harmonics and unique playing styles such as jete ( a very fast ricochet type bowing), and martele (an aggressive, biting attack before the note quickly fades out). The engine also has the ability to shape the note envelope such as attack and release, and the option to enable a scripted legato for the long notes as well.

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