World Wonders Collection by Rast Sound

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For as low as $179 (instead of $352) with your rewards, get the World Wonders Collection from Rast Sound!

World Wonders Collection includes 6 unique libraries from cultures around the world, African Colours, Ritual Vocals, Eastern Clarinet, Slavic Vocals, Sounds of Mesopotamia & Blues Blues.

All vocal & instrument libraries come with playable solos, patterns, phrase composer presets and rare performances. Get ready to utilise our fresh world selection through World Wonders Collection.

Originally $352, this versatile collection is now available for as low as $179 with your rewards cash for a limited time only – you save a whopping $173! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!

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Overview: Products Included

6 Unique Vocal, Drum, Cinematic & Solo World Libraries at an insane discount!

African Colours

African Colours brings rare instruments, drums and vocals from South & North Africa to your fingertips. You can play solo instruments, patterns and phrases through our Kontakt engine or shape WAV files to your taste.

+ 444 Samples
+ 1GB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV
+ Vocals, Instruments & Drums
+ Phrase Composer Tools & Wealth of Patterns
+ Requires Kontakt full ver. 5.8+

Normally $69.00

Ritual Vocals Rast Sound

Ritual Vocals comes with 4 performers and tribal, ritual vocal performances from Africa & South America. Through our new engine, you can play solo instruments, phrases, patterns & more. From a wide brass suite into our dream natural, hybrid and designed presets together with sound designers.

+ 4 Performers
+ Rituals from South America & Africa
+ 900+ MB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV
+ 340+ Samples
+ 200 Patterns, Phrase & Words
+ Requires Kontakt 5.8+ full version

Normally $59.00

Slavic Vocals

Long time awaited Slavic Vocals comes with 2 female performers, a wealth of solo and duet performances, playable instruments, patterns and phrase composer tools. Now available for Kontakt & WAV formats.

+ 2 Performers
+ 1.1+ GB Unzipped for Kontakt 5 (full vers.) & WAV
+ 335 Samples
+ Playable Solos, Duet & Phrases
+ 165 Patterns and Phrases

Normally $59.00

eastern clarinet

Eastern Clarinet brings the magical sound of middle eastern clarinet with 5 solo styles, phrase composer tools, patterns and performances. This library comes with our new base engine with improved solo playing.

+ 225+ Samples
+ 150+ Patterns & Performances
+ 5 Solo Styles
+ 450 MB Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV
+ Requires Kontakt (full ver. 5.8+)

Normally $47.00

Sounds of Mesopotamia

Recorded in villages of Iraq with local performers and musicians, Sounds of Mesopotamia offers rare performances, solo instruments and sound moments you can not find anywhere else.

+ Vocals, Local Instruments & Drums
+ 340+ Samples for Kontakt & WAV
+ 100 Patterns Time Synced
+ Phrase Composer Tools for Each Section
+ Playable Solo Vocals, Drums, Ney, Ud & Sipsi
+ 650 MB Unzipped

Normally $59.00

Blues Blues

Blues Blues comes with 3 vocal performers, additional solo instruments like Harmonica, Banjo and multiple Guitars. You can find performances, patterns, playable instruments and the grooves of blues music culture.

+ 400+ Samples
+ 1GB+ Unzipped for Kontakt & WAV
+ Phrase Composer Tool & Patterns
+ Requires Kontakt (full ver. 5.8+)

Normally $59.00



key Features

  • 6 Libraries
  • 5 GB+ Uncompressed
  • 2000+ Samples
  • All Available for Kontakt (full version 5.8+) and WAV formats



retail price 352.00
current price $179.00 base price 119.00