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A quick blog exploring Audiomodern Abuser

A quick blog exploring Audiomodern Abuser



Audiomodern Abuser

Audiomodern Abuser is another great addition to the Audiomodern catalog. Audiomodern synths all share a very signature sound. Their synths an this excellent glitched out, dark, gritty, modern vibe. In this audio plugin review I’ll take a look at Audiomodern Abuser.

In the making of this synth, analog gear was ‘abused’ with the use of the Sherman filterbank. Because of the whopping 3.6 total GB of sounds, users have an arsenal to contend with! Users can effect each layer individually. As a result of this functionality, the engine proves versatile and fun to work with.


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Audiomodern notes that all of the source material came from recordings of various devices fed into the Sherman filterbank. No distortion emulators were used. Consequently, the organic audio defects establish a signature sound.

audiomoderns abuser

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The Sound of AudioModern

AudioModern has a great signature sound. And AudioModern Abuser sits with the rest of the collection nicely. In the demo track I composed for my plugin review, I used AudioModern Abuser. I also used Sync 2 and Sync 3, both available in the Sync Bundle.

Users can expect a gritty, raw, modern tone from AudioModern Sync. Due to this tone, their instruments work great for a variety of genres. A composer can find themselves using their synths for the trailer to a crime thriller. Or aspiring MCs can make some fire trap beats with these plugins. They provide great breakdowns for synthwave. And the tone is so glitched out due to the “abuse,” they’d fit amazing in retro, sprite based horror games. The sky is the limit with Audiomodern Abuser, so grab this excellent deal and rummage around their other synths, as well!

Abuser’s interface is simple but the sound it produces is powerful. Lets see what you Synth fans can produce.

Demo Track

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A quick blog exploring Audiomodern Abuser

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