[WATCH] SONUSCORE’S Origins Vol 3-5 and Lyrical Violin Phrases – Complete the Set!

origins vol 3-5 and lyrical violin phrases

Complete the set: Sonuscore Lyrical Violin Phrases, as well as Sonuscore Origins Vol. 3-5 are now available in the Audio Plugin Deals shop! Remember to check your rewards balance, as you can lower your price of any product in the shop by using your rewards points (accumulated from your purchases here at Audio Plugin Deals).

Completing the “Lyrical Phrases” trinity, is the beautiful Lyrical Violin Phrases. Instantly evocative and  deeply emotional, this library features sampled performances by acclaimed violinists Veer Csonger (The Elder Scrolls Online) and Sebastian Caspar. The true magic of this library lies in it’s ability to portray their complete performance directly into your own music, which is nearly impossible with traditional MIDI programming, no matter your skill level. Using the same user friendly interface as Lyrical Cello Phrases and Lyrical Vocal Phrases, this library offers both unique phrases in any key and multiple scales, as well as a traditional legato patch for writing your own lines, or harmonizing with the pre recorded phrases.

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Also available are Sonuscore Origins Vol. 3-5! The Sonuscore Origins series is a truly unique offering, providing you with two sampled instruments in each volume, and including an intuitive arpeggiator tool and multiple presets to inspire you. For each volume, you can play single notes and rhythmic arpeggios from each instrument individually, or choose to have both instruments play at the same time. Theses libraries combine authentic and detailed sampled instruments as well as vast sound design possibilities with the effects and rhythm built in. These libraries tend to expand my perceptions of what each instrument is truly capable of sounding like, providing rich ethnic sounds with an almost ancient vibe.

Origins Vol.3: A 12 string guitar and a balalaika, which is a string instrument originating in Russia and Central Asia. It has a unique, ethnic sound.

Origins Vol. 4: An oud, which is a staple of Middle Eastern and North African music, and a qanun, which is an Arabic zither. These instruments can provide beautiful and authentic ethnic soundscapes, not just for Middle Eastern or Arabic music, but for European and Greek Music as well (think Assassins Creed: Odyssey)

Origins Vol. 5: A ukulele with a muted piano. One might expect a happy, uplifting indie vibe simply because of the inclusion of a ukulele (think about it…every cheesy/hipster ad campaign ever, or a viral social media video featuring cute puppies and kittens). However, on the contrary, this library can sound dark and creepy, and fits right in with the vibe of the rest of the Origins series: unique, atmospheric, authentic, and always surprising.

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-Brian Freeland, APD

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