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Best Keys Kontakt Libraries

Best Keys Kontakt Libraries


Keys have been everywhere since the last century. Merging the usability of a grand piano with the variety of tones that have been created through decades leads to a category of instruments that can convey a variety of emotions and fit basically any genre.
If you’re looking for some cool Kontakt libraries to expand your sonic palette, you should check out these deals on https://staging.audioplugin.deals/shop/.
The cool thing about sticking to Kontakt is that the catalog of libraries available can only expand with time.
Here’s a list of the best keys Kontakt libraries available on AudioPluginDeals.

Channel Robot Keytone

KeyTone is a dual voice keyboard sounds ROMpler. Our starting point here was that the world doesn’t need another multi-gig multi-sampled grand piano ROMpler, nor does it need more Rhodes or Wurlitzer instruments. Those bases are pretty much covered. Instead, we wanted to make a quick and easy-to-use ROMpler that would let you define your own unique piano/keys sounds.
Setting up and using new sounds in KeyTone couldn’t be simpler – we’ve spent a long time refining our Voice Randomisation engine to the point where new and interesting sounds are just one click (of the Voice Randomising button) away.KeyTone is available for Kontakt 5.8.1 (Not for Kontakt Player) and above and comes with over 200 snapshots.

Frozen Plain Dual Music Box

Dual Music Box is a Kontakt instrument consisting of 2 multi-sampled music boxes. These 2 music boxes are complimented by a small collection of other sounds, designed to blend well with the music box tones.
Each patch contains 3 layers, the 1st layer is the Victorian Music Box, the 2nd is a tiny, bright music box and the 3rd varies between patches, for example, glockenspiel/ synth strings/ string pluck. The sound of this second music box is bright and plucky, when this is mixed with the victorian music box, you get a very pleasant, balanced sound. The new tiny music box that was sampled was only a few centimeters across, and was rather quiet. Just as the real thing did, this Kontakt instrument contains the clicks and whirrs of the music box as it turns.
If you enjoyed the free Victorian Music box, but want more options for realism and sound design, then Dual Music box is perfect for you. This product requires the paid version of Kontakt.

Karanyi Sounds Vapor Keys

Unleash your 90s nostalgia! We are proud to introduce Vapor Keys: a collection of great-sounding FM Electric Piano sample library + an inspiring collection of dreamlike keyboard instruments for Kontakt.
It can sound sweet and naive, bright, bold, harsh, trashy, lush & sexy, spacy or even dark and gloomy. Vapor Keys includes 3 deep-sampled classic and modern FM, algorithmic and wavetable synth sources in 1 pack.
Vapor Keys are heavily sound-designed keyboard instruments with dry and wet signals mixed together from various FM pianos, other synth sources and reverb gears. These patches are great for chords, arps and shorter soundscapes. We captured authentic, classic instruments algorithmic and fm (Yamaha DX7 and TX81z) and modern wavetable (Arturia MicroFreak) synthesizers along with various Eventide reverb units and tape machines to create these extraordinary presets.

PRECISIONSOUND Skinny Organ Collection

The Skinny Organ Collection features 3 libraries: Eminent 275, Melanie Deluxe and Mighty U90.
The Eminent Solina P275 Series 9 with a price tag of approx $2500 from 1985 was made in Holland and uses the same string synth section as the legendary 310 model used by Jean Michel Jarre. The P275 is completely analog and has a unique sounding drum machine built in the Syncopator 355.
The origin of the Melanie Deluxe sample library is the “Farfisa Melanie deLuxe” made in Italy in the early 80-ties, released in 1981, and had a price of around 2500 $.
The Technics SX-U90S made in Japan in 1982 has been the source for this sample library. Like the D-85 this is a luxury grandma’s organ and the flagship of their “U” series of organs, too expensive for most people to have as a living room furniture and home organ.

Realsamples Dulcitone Celesta

The dulcitone by the British company Dyson & sons is a hidden gem: Built around 1910, this unique tuning-fork piano sports a charming tone reminiscent of a “mellow” vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba and a piano – yet a sound of its own.
It is the ancestor of the modern celesta, and Tschaikowsky wrote some parts of his Nutcracker suite for it. An original dulcitone is hard to play, offering a rough-running and tight dynamic response. We recorded every note with 8 samples, plus 4 variations of each key release. The instrument was captured with two recordings (microphones close-up and slightly further away).

Sample Logic Cinematic Keys

CINEMATIC KEYS not only includes amazing, ready-to-play, psycho-acoustic sampled melodic and percussive instruments but uses these instruments to enter into the morphed world of score-ready hybrid sound design. CINEMATIC KEYS is powered by Kontakt Player.
The bread and butter of CINEMATIC KEYS is in the inclusion of a massive collection of samples derived from the destruction of an upright and toy pianos all recorded in a huge multi-car garage, the result of which was amazing organic acoustics treatments.
Sample Logic has gone above and beyond the standard performance and recording techniques to create the instruments included in CINEMATIC KEYS. The library consists of not only Grand and upright pianos, harpsichords, Wurlitzer electric pianos, and toy pianos as standard multi-sampled instruments, but also breaks barriers with strummed, plucked, picked, and e-bow techniques, just to name a few. In fact, there are many extended techniques recorded on a multitude of instruments. In addition, Sample Logic found ways to manipulate the sound of each of the included instruments to create something truly unique. Using this organic material, they were able to craft the finest dynamic and original acoustic and effectual cinematic sounds possible.

Sampletekk Vintage Keys Bundle

The Vintage Keys Bundle features 6 unique and vintage piano instruments made for the full version of Kontakt: ST Pianet, Tubed Wurly, ST Tonewheel, Tubed Keys MkI 73, ARP Solina and ST Clav.
ST Solina MkII
This is the classic ARP String Synthesizer of the late 70’s faithfully captured in all its analog warmth. Every note of every Factory Preset is sampled!
ST Pianet
Classic 70’s instrument “The musical typewriter”
Tubed Wurli
The Wurlitzer 200A™ electric piano has been used on countless recordings and its distinct sound has been the signature for many, many artists. The SampleTekk version of the Wurlitzer 200A™ has been recorded using vacuum tube amplifiers, in this case, a Fender Twin™ amplifier.
Tubed Keys MkI 73
Fender Rhodes MkI 73 ©, sampled using a tube amp for true vintage sound
ST Clav
Hohner Clavinet D6 ©, has for years been putting the unk in funk, but with its distinct timbre, unique design and great response, it’s been a tonal tool for musicians in many genres. Recorded using a Fender Twin © tube amp makes this instrument sound the way it was intended.
ST Tonewheel
This is a road-worn, scarred warhorse with tons of attitude. This Hammond L-100 has personality, it has flaws, it has dents and bruises – It’s only rock’n’roll but I’ll think you’ll like it.

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    Best Keys Kontakt Libraries

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