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The Best Vocal Kontakt Libraries

The Best Vocal Kontakt Libraries


Vocals can fit any music genre, and if you’re looking for some cool Kontakt libraries to expand your sonic palette, you should definitely check out these deals on https://staging.audioplugin.deals/shop/
Vocal Kontakt libraries can come in handy whether you can’t record vocals or you need a specific voice to fit the track.
The cool thing about sticking to Kontakt is that the catalog of libraries available can only expand with time.
Here’s a list of the best vocal Kontakt libraries available on AudioPluginDeals.

Aria Sounds Aurora Choir

The Aurora Choir is an elegant and powerful choir sample library for Kontakt (full version 5.8.1 or higher required).
This massive vocal library contains both Sopranos and Altos (separate instruments for maximum control), and has an absolutely stunning legato tone. On top of this, it has short syllables, arranged into a very conveniently playable sequencer, so you can simply arrange your phrase in the sequence, and play it away; the choir will automatically sing the syllables you enter.
The choir contains four true legato modes (ah, eh, ih, and oh) sampled at multiple dynamic layers, giving a total of EIGHT true sampled legato sets, for absolute realism and variation.

Eduardo Tarilonte Voices Bundle

If you’re looking for a church-style choir option, get the Eduardo Tarilonte Voices Bundle featuring 2 extremely powerful and versatile vocal libraries: Cantus and Mystica (both compatible with the FREE Kontakt player).
Cantus offers a real Gregorian Monk Ensemble featuring the sounds of the dark Middle Ages. Cantus is a perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambiances and music for films, documentaries, video games, and new-age music.
You can program words individually by even choosing an articulation for every word.
With Mystica, Eduardo Tarilonte continues his incomparable series of vocal libraries. This classical chamber choir consists of eight extraordinary female vocalists and delivers a unique, enchanting sound without comparison.

Rast Sound MidEast Vocals II

Mideast Vocals II is recorded with 4 performers focusing on different cultures & traditional singing from the Middle East.
Mideast Vocals 2 comes with Rast Sound’s new base engine capabilities to deliver realistic performances with Mono Legato, Sample Start Randomisation, and key switches.
You can find solo instruments, performances, loops, phrases, and more in both WAV and Kontakt formats.
Willing to offer the most variety of voices and cultures, we have recorded 4 performers for the second version. Every performer brings their own soul to the performances and their timbre to the instruments.
If you’re into House or EDM Trap music, you’ll definitely find some value in this library.
Some people love multisample solo instruments and some people are more into performances and patterns that are impossible to find anywhere else and can breathe life into your production. Another beauty of performances and patterns is they are ready to go for cinematic and electronic music.

Frozen Plain Phoenix

Phoenix is a powerful tool for creating string and choir sustains with movement and character. The samples are from synthetic and granulated sources, yet they are rich and organic sounding.
The presets vary from realistic strings and choirs to sci-fi beeps and pads. This versatility is due to some unique scripting, such as the LFO engine; which lets you draw your own waveforms and actually see the modulation happen on the controls. 
Phoenix features a randomize button, which is good fun to play with and is perfect for discovering new sounds.
1 of the 6 effects that come with Phoenix is the reverb unit. This has 25 custom-made impulses that can mainly be used for interesting sound design.
This product requires the paid version of Kontakt.

Rast Sound Vocal Gems Collection

The Vocal Gems Collection brings 3 of Rast Sound’s popular choir & vocal libraries: Choirs Boutique, Children’s Choir & Vocal Morphs PRO.
Choirs Boutique is a unique choir library. We transformed recorded female, male & children choirs into our dream presets, boutique designed, and inspired by our favorite soundtracks and composers. You can blend this palette with a dual-layer engine into endless timbres, and colors.
Vocal Morphs PRO helps you combine and morph unique, playable vocal performances. Design a unique vocal sound with thousands of sustain, plucked, and phrase combinations and play to create modern, hybrid vocal stylings.
Children’s Choir is a rare library recorded with 7 kids, including multiple playable solo styles, performances, patterns, phrases, and effects. We had so much fun recording it, and enjoy playing and composing with it.

Ghosthack Shymer Ethereal Vocal Collection

Shymer – Ethereal Vocal Collection is a huge collection of epic sounds which features a vast range of different ambient orchestral melodic elements: From lush vocals, pianos, strings, harps, flutes, guitars, horns, evolving pads, as well as mood and ambiance.
Dry and wet variants of the vocal stems for each kit are included to offer maximum flexibility and allow much more creative freedom.

Red Sounds Vox Engine Kontakt Bundle

These libraries were inspired by producers and DJs like Diplo, Jack U, Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, and Marshmello, and will perfectly fit almost any genre: Future Bass, Trap, Pop, Hip-Hop, Future House, Deep House, Future RnB, you name it!
This bundle will provide you with incredible tools for modern vocal chops, melodies, and chords and also save you massive amounts of time! Also, you can easily transform 808s, or use fat ones from the library.
All sounds were recorded and processed in Red Sounds studio, so they are 100 Royalty-free.
Samples are not processed to death, so you can make it even more unique with your own plugins.

Impact Soundworks Vocalisa Slavic Womens Choir

Discover the powerful sound of Slavic (Bulgarian-style) singing as performed by an all-female chorus: sopranos, mezzos, altos, soloists, and a full choir.
Each syllable and ornament can be tweaked individually: volume, offset, and brightness. For example, using offset on the “mah” syllable can create a simple “ah” vowel, or “shteh” can be shortened to “teh”. The brightness knob is also a highly useful tool for shaping the timbre and tonality of the performance.

Auddict Celestial Voices Calypso

Prepare yourself to be blown away by the second vocalist from the “Celestial Voices”.
Calypso is a solo female soprano vocalist, with a soaring sound that provokes powerful emotions.
It comes with five mic positions, so you can blend your own personal sound, flexible enough to create a broad projecting operatic sound, as well as a clean, dry pop sound, which opens the possibility to add your own reverb if you so wish.

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    The Best Vocal Kontakt Libraries

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