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Checking Out Acoustic Isolation by Rigid Audio

Checking Out Acoustic Isolation by Rigid Audio


Rigid Audio’s Acoustic Isolation is a loop based Kontakt instrument, and users of previous Rigid Audio libraries such as Felicity, Cinematrix, etc, will immediately be familiar with the interface. The sounds are separated into four separate categories, each with their own module displayed in the interface: Groove, Perc, Melody, and User. Acoustic Isolation focuses more on acoustic drums and grooves as opposed to the more electronic nature of the aforementioned libraries, but as usual there is a wide variety here and using the FX page makes this a versatile instrument for rock, pop, EDM, and even ambient music.

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The video is fairly simple, but you can get an idea of the sounds provided, as there are many presets to choose from in different categories, though the majority of the sounds focus on rock, pop, and even some jazzy, ambient styles. This library can also cover some fairly heavy territory, with some great distorted, sludgy guitar riffs and heavy hitting drum grooves, but it’s no one trick pony, and can cover some light, ambient jazz and house without skipping a beat.

While the presets are a great place to start, I had the most fun just scrolling through the different grooves, percussion loops, and melodies provided in each module, and diving in a bit to apply effects and filters to the sequences as well!

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    Checking Out Acoustic Isolation by Rigid Audio

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