Checking Out STURMSOUNDS Cinematic Bundle

SturmSounds is a self proclaimed maker of unusual virtual instruments, so today we will take them for a spin and see if they can live up to their name!

First up we have Zupfgretel… I didn’t even attempt to pronounce it, as I would almost certainly butcher it beyond belief. What is it?!? It’s a Cinematic Autoharp. It sounds like an ethnic plucked instrument, almost like a cimbalom. I really enjoyed the sound of the SOFT PLAY patch included, and there were plenty of articulations and playing styles to choose from, with both hard and soft plucked notes, long bowed sustains, FX, and even pads created from the samples. It sounds a bit familiar, but ultimately unique and perfect for creating cinematic scores and adding tension and atmosphere to practically any genre of music, though I feel it’s best suited for cinematic, world, and even horror music with the eerie bowed sustains and FX!

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Next we have the Thai Bow, which they label as a cinematic fiddle, though it’s absolutely nothing like an american fiddle that you would hear in bluegrass music. It’s a middle eastern fiddle, and has a plucked sound as opposed to a bowed, violin-like sound.

Both of these instruments have very detailed samples with tons of character and are certainly unique and unusual, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be useful tools for composers and songwriters. With multiple dynamic layers and many articulations to choose from, the applications can be quite versatile for these instruments! Check out the video and see for yourself!

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