Checking Out Baltic Shimmers by Sonic Atoms!

baltic shimmers by sonic atoms

Baltic Shimmers by Sonic Atoms is a library of organic pads and soundscapes for the FREE Steinberg Halion Sonic SE player.

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This library is focused on capturing the sounds and vibes of the ocean and the beach, and delivers a unique concept combining organic samples (birds, waves, etc) and synthesis to create beautiful and relaxing pads, drones, and shimmering soundscapes for your next composition.

Perfect for ambient music producers as well as cinematic composers, the sounds from this collection instantly transport you to a tropical paradise. Some evoke the feeling of being underwater, surrounded by whales, others you feel as if a dark, hulking ship or submarine is passing by.

You can hear the organic samples in many of the presets, as seagulls and ocean waves create relaxing soundscapes and unique atmospheres. Whether you enjoy being topside relaxing by the waves, or exploring the unknown depths, this library is sure to deliver oceanic flavor for all your music needs!

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