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From Sweden With Love – Sampletekk WG2 MkII Studio Grand Piano Library for Kontakt

From Sweden With Love – Sampletekk WG2 MkII Studio Grand Piano Library for Kontakt


So Many Years, So Many Pianos

Sampletekk began developing piano libraries in 2004. Based in Sweden, the team
brings their many years of studio experience and musicianship to every library they
produce, and you can hear the results in each note. Going through the list of libraries,
one would likely be overwhelmed; it serves as a testimony to Sampletekk’s love for
music and their desire to produce quality tools for every musician.

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Every Piano Tells A Story

I believe that every piano has a signature. From the type of wood chosen, selecting the
strings, and the final process of tuning and voicing, no two pianos sound alike.
Having had the privilege of playing pianos around the world, I can tell you that I am
affected by certain pianos I have played. It is hard to place your finger on the exact
reason why, and this brings us to the 1910 Malmsjo chosen for the WG2 MKII library.
The 1910 Malmsjo selected has as a warm character along with a nice sparkle, giving it
a quality found in few pianos. Many are either dark, bright, or punch; the Malmsjo gives
you a little bit of both.

It’s All In The Family

Interesting enough is that Sampletekk recorded the 1910 Malmsjo and released two
different piano library products; the White Grand and the White Sister. The White Grand
was intended to serve as a “close mic’d” library while the White Sister had a more
distant “roomier” mic perspective. Each library was beautiful on its own, but together
you have something entirely different.

The Studio Sound

Sampletekk has a way of producing a library in such a way that it is ready to go. The
sounds jump right out from the library as if they have an almost “mastered” feel to
them. Sampletekk’s engineers and producers have garnered many credits throughout
the years, you can definitely hear the results in the WG2 MKII.

Sibling Rivalries, Not Here

You need the full version of Kontakt to enjoy WG2 MKII. The user interface provides a
generous amount of control over the instrument. One of the main features is the ability
to blend the WG (White Grand) and WS (White Sister) together to get that perfect
balance between close and far mic perspectives. You can also use them separately on
their own if that is the sound you are looking for.

Go To Your Room

Sampletekk has provided several custom impulse responses to use with the onboard
convolution reverb. This allows you to create very realistic performance spaces and
unusual and creative results using IRs from various hardware effects and processors.

Don’t Be So Sensitive

Having the velocity response set is an absolute must to achieve the right feel and
connection between you, the player, and the instrument itself. WG2 MKII allows you to
adjust playing sensitivity allowing you to be as expressive as you can be in controlling
the 16 velocity layers provided.

Always Sympathetic

Sympathetic Resonance is the quality a piano has when the damper pedal is down,
you hear the openness of the piano ringing out with life. This is the result of the notes
played vibrating other undamped strings that share similar frequencies and harmonics.
It is the magic of creating these types of effects that provide a more present and
immersive playing experience.

Besides the overall Sympathetic Resonance level, you also have an accompanying
Shimmer control. Shimmer is the sound that the piano has when the dampers are
“almost’ on the strings. This gives you a tighter form of Sympathetic Resonance,
adding that little extra you need sometimes.


With WG2 MKII, Sampletekk, you are ready to go. Lord help the mister who comes
between me, and my sister, (Could not miss the White Christmas reference), but no
worries here as the White Grand and White Sister get along splendidly in their new
home the WG2 MKII.

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    From Sweden With Love – Sampletekk WG2 MkII Studio Grand Piano Library for Kontakt

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