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Checking Out Angus by Rigid Audio!

Checking Out Angus by Rigid Audio!


Rigid Audio’s Angus is a new experimental wavetable synthesizer for the FULL version of Kontakt. Angus certainly has a unique character, and excels at creating weird, trippy, bizarre textures and ambiences, but it also is great for basses, leads, pads, effects, and more.

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It’s a true wavetable synth with over 800 instruments, 2 oscillators, 128 wavetables to choose from, and has in depth effects such as an arpeggiator, reverb, delay, convulsion, drive, filters, and practically anything you could need to shape and create exciting new sounds. Or you can simply choose from one of the many included snapshots, which include arps, atmospheres, drones, FX, basses, leads, keys, pads, sequences, lo-fi, plucks, organs, winds, strings, and more!

There’s a ton of creative content here, and if you are a fan of wavetable synths or just synths in general, or you love to experiment and come up with weird, trippy sounds, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Available now for a super low price, check out the video and hear what Angus has to offer… you won’t find anything else like it on the market!

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  1. Being a big fan of Rigid Audio, I got Angus as soon as it was released a few weeks ago. The APD deal is even lower than the intro/loyalty deal from Rigid Audio. Angus is a real value. Besides the large amount of snapshots and sound sources, you can spend many a stolen moment just using the option-rich randomization feature—which appears to yield a surprisingly wide variety of results from any starting point, without permanently degenerating into dead settings. The modulation features take any sound even further. There is a manual available online but, like many RigidAudio offerings, you will need to spend some time exploring the features to really appreciate their capabilities. It starts out with a lot and offers even more.

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    Checking Out Angus by Rigid Audio!

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