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Checking Out Vibe Drums Bundle by MusicalSampling

Checking Out Vibe Drums Bundle by MusicalSampling


The Vibe Drums bundle from Musical Sampling contains three incredible drum libraries for a SUPER low price. These libraries are still quite new on the market, and if you need drums for any genre of music, from indie and country to the most extreme death metal, this bundle is an absolute steal!

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The bundle includes three separate “Boutique Drums” libraries, all for the FULL version of Kontakt:

Jolene is a great all rounder for rock, alternative, country, and indie music.
Ruby is the heaviest out of the three kits, great for metal and hard rock, but it’s also versatile enough for pop and hip-hop.
Penny is the most vintage sounding, aiming to sound like the classic mixes from the 60’s and 70’s.

All three libraries are incredibly versatile however, especially with the eight curated mix presets for each library, which sound amazing: anything from super punchy and tight mixes to phat and loose modern grooves, this bundle has you covered. I was very impressed with the sample quality and overall tone of these libraries, and features like the crossfadable live-recorded hi-hat grooves add a natural touch, utilizing real human performances instead of MIDI hi-hat sequences. Check out the video to hear them in action, and how they compliment both acoustic rock/country music as well as balls-to-the-wall metal!

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    Checking Out Vibe Drums Bundle by MusicalSampling

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