Checking Out the Silk Road Bundle by Black Octopus Sound

The Silk Road Bundle by Black Octopus Sound

We have three new incredible sample packs by Basement Freaks, presented by Black Octopus, featuring beautiful ethnic sounds from across the globe blended seamlessly with cutting edge electronic and dance influences to give your productions a unique, worldy, yet modern vibe. 

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These packs feature percussion one shots, loops, melodic textures, instrumental riffs, atmospheres, FX, violins, plucked instruments, and more. Covering a wide variety of BPM’s and keys, you can use these loops and melodies to craft unique foundations for your new tracks, or to spice up your current productions, suitable for modern dance and trap that needs a little Middle Eastern, Indian, or Balkan/Greek influence. Check out the demo and hear the sounds in action!

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