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Checking Out Atmosia 2 by Channel Robot!

Checking Out Atmosia 2 by Channel Robot!


Atmosia 2 is a unique atmosphere creation tool from Channel Robot, with over 580 unique sound sources and nearly infinite ways to manipulate and combine them. This is a standalone plugin, so no Kontakt required! At the end of the vlog, I have a short installation guide showing how to install and the folder structure for installation.

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Each preset is made up of four separate sound sources, or voices. You can select a preset which will include the four sound sources plus whatever effects, modeling, envelopes, etc are applied within that preset. Hit the dice icon at the bottom of each page to randomize those specific parameters, whether it be the voices, envelopes, modeling parameters, effects, etc. This can give you an entirely new and exciting sound at the click of a button!

You can also go into the voices and select new sound sources from a list which has been tagged and categorized according to sound type, mood, style, etc. It’s easy to browse and is packed full of amazing sounds. You can get anything from insanely creepy ambiences, aggressive distorted chaos, pure and relaxing tones, or just plain weird textures. Go crazy with it and have fun!

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  1. I have the all the Kontakt versions of the ReCoil/…-ia engine series. They’re special and so is Atmosia2—similar but different and more than the sum of its parts. It has a clean, intuitive GUI and it gets results quickly. The randomization is effective and addictive—be prepared to save a lot of presets. Also important: Atmosia2 lets you determine where you want to store its 3.35GB of samples, during and after installation, so you don’t have to whittle away more of your C: drive. Varied and wonderful sounds.

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    Checking Out Atmosia 2 by Channel Robot!

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